Super syncing and file organization

FenrirFS is a file synchronization and organizational tool for Windows PC. View full description


  • Automatic folder syncing
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Mult-view file preview
  • Nice looking interface


  • Takes time to learn all features

Very good

FenrirFS is a file synchronization and organizational tool for Windows PC.

If you have a huge hard drive, it's easy to overload it with a bunch of different files. Once you start, it's often difficult to keep track of everything. Good thing there are programs out there like FenrirFS to help you keep track of everything.

FenrirFS offers a comprehensive set of features to help you sort and organize your PC's files. When you're at the beginning of your file sorting spree, for example, it's quite helpful to be able to be able to preview files without having to open them. FenrirFS lets you do this. You can preview images, PDF, text, music files and more.

FenrirFS also lets you organize files by adding labels to multiple files at once. Just drag and drop selected files into the labels of your choice. Due to a great syncing feature, folders will automatically be labeled as you drop files into each separate label tab, meaning you don't have to go through and manually tag them yourself.

It might take a little time to learn all of the features, but FenrirFS has a nice looking interface that most people will learn to navigate around in no time flat.

FenrirFS is a great option for keeping all your files in order on your PC.



FenrirFS 2.45